There are a variety of disasters and crises that can impact anyone at any given time. “Micro-Disasters” impact a specific person, family or business and “Macro-Disasters” impact an entire region or the world.

This Disaster IQ worksheet helps identify potential risks and outlines the stages of a disaster. You can also rate your own Disaster IQ and prepare for these risks.
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Nicknamed the “Master of Disaster” by the media, economist Randall Bell has traveled to all seven continents documenting the world’s greatest disasters. This research includes Chernobyl, Hurricane Katrina, Hiroshima, climate Change in Antarctica, African droughts, coral bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef off Australia and the great earthquake of Chile.

Today, this video footage is being edited for a one-hour documentary film.



Randall Bell in the Media

Master of Disaster Emergency Preparation